Lincolnshire Council Library and Information Services

Acceptable Use Policy


Lincolnshire Library and Information Service offers free public access to the Internet for information, education and leisure purposes.

The Library and Information Service has no control over, and cannot be held responsible for, the accuracy, authenticity or quality of information obtained.

• A filtering system is in operation which attempts to restrict access to sites which are deemed inappropriate, including content which is in any way racist, obscene, pornographic or threatening. The filtering system is based on domain names and cannot counter every eventuality. Users are expected to report to a member of staff if an inappropriate site is accessed inadvertently.

• Children are actively encouraged to use the Internet. As is the case with all library materials, any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians. Parents and guardians are strongly advised to educate their children in safe use of the internet and the dangers of communicating with people unknown to them. While filtered access is provided the Library and Information Service cannot guarantee that it will deny access to all sites which are unsuitable for children.

• The Library and Information Service will monitor usage of the Internet. Any attempt by users to access prohibited sites or to receive or transmit offensive or undesirable material, or otherwise misusing the facilities, may result in action being taken.

• Users must agree not to interfere in any way with hardware, software or the general operation of computers.

• Users should not use the sound facilities of computers at an excessive volume or in a way that inconveniences other users.

• Users are advised to exercise caution when sending personal or other confidential information over the Internet, particularly when using these terminals for online banking or shopping. Users will be responsible for any goods or services they order via the Internet.

• Users must at all times comply with legislation relating to copyrighted, threatening, offensive, obscene or pornographic material, or material protected by trade secret.